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HPL Interior Panels

   HPL  (High Pressure Laminate) – This is a high-strength composite material presented as large-format panel, which both side is covered with a rich palette of colors and imitations, usually used for interior and exterior.

   We represent two manufacturer company of HPL – Polerey and Resoplan   which are the world’s leading manufacturers Companies. “Thanks to modern technology”!  Now it is possible to create almost any design and palette, as the old wood and metal, as well as modern colors and design and illustrations.

   Panels have  exclusively designed  3D surfaces: all natural color range, variety of wood  texture and color line, imitations of stone and metal, leather imitation and digital-quality printing and possibility.

The most important thing in this material is that they are highly resistant to environment such as: rain, snow, moisture, sun, ultraviolet radiation, dust, etc.  

The panel is made up of 65% wood paper, and the remaining 35% is a special from wooden resin material.

   The panel is protecting the walls from damage and prevents moisture from entering the wall, it’s a very strong and light, thanks to its structural the design is not deformed, it’s  easy to install, and most importantly the cost of the building have ventilated facade.

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